The Something Brothers


As you immerse in their new release, Apollo, you’ll hear it. The sense of experiment and play, the interlock and thrust. The proggy interludes and crunchy earwig choruses. Pure-pop songcraft that sometimes gives off whiffs of Beatles, King Crimson and, what the hell, Molly Hatchet, whatever classic rock reference you’ve got. In the center, a pure voice, not of the city, but of one-stoplight towns and grain silos, outer space and the afterlife. What a blast. Some 25 years after flaming out this close to reaching orbit, the precocious, ferocious Something Brothers are back in top form—with a new album, sold-out hometown concerts, reams of new material in the works and expectant new fans. Picking up not exactly where they left off, but a foot or two over, and just as fresh as ever. Wait—who, what, where? Cut to the Reagan years in the heart of Illinois, a sleepy crossroads college town surrounded by deep corn. Art school/songwriting pals Scott and Dean, both with prolific back catalogs, get together to multitrack in Pink Bob’s living room. Soon the dynamic duo finds an unusually charismatic band forming around them: a core consisting of flash guitar hero Tommy, kinetic six-stringer Edwin and master time-divider John. A string of riotous performances in smoky beer-soaked small rooms ensue, and the buzz builds into a fervent fanbase in hometown Bloomington-Normal, which radiates outward across the prairie as the traveling tent show (including resident soundman Chuck) wins new converts in heartland college towns and big-city venues. By the early 1990s, they’re holding down Saturday nights up in Chicago at Cabaret Metro, and sharing bills with indie-rock luminaries of the day like like Uncle Tupelo, Soul Asylum and Smashing Pumpkins. The upward trajectory soon takes its all-too predictable turn. Big dogs like TVT and IRS start sniffing, and a major-league producer even flies in, yet they all puzzle over how to package and monetize this unique stew. And, as the SoBros pile into their broke-ass van Sparky after a showcase gig at CBGB’s in ‘92, the strain of all the years of gigging and touring and releasing tapes finally catches up. Except for the recorded legacy of their six-year run (see discography), it was over for our small-town heroes and all the Boneheads who loved them. Until now. Some 25 years later, and after a series of offshoot bands and projects, the gravitational force of the SoBros’ unique chemistry proved too hard to resist. Reunited, contemporized and with Scott alone leading the charge up front, the Something Brothers are again a force to be reckoned with. From the wickedly relevant and kaleidoscopic tunes on Apollo, to the commanding live performances, the SoBros are again ready to be rediscovered on your stereo and, yes, in front of your astonished eyes. Be sure you don’t miss them this time around..  

Scott Lee Wilson: vocals
Edwin Pierce: guitar, vocals
Tommy O’Donnell: guitar, vocals  
John Ganser: drums Ryan Nelson: bass