Sharpen Up The Dynamite CD

Sharpen Up The Dynamite CD

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Sharpen Up The Dynamite

"Sharpen Up The Dynamite" is the Fall of 2023 release from the Something Brothers.

Track List:

  1. A Boston Kind of Smell
  2. Let Go
  3. Cat Fight
  4. Super Lonely
  5. Eternal Sunshine
  6. Nails Are For Hammering
  7. Love Room
  8. You're Being Lied To
  9. These Eyes
  10. Captain Williard's Mirror
  11. The Next Big Bang
  12. No Cracker For Polly
  13. Mystery Box
  14. Evangeline Lilly

Produced by Edwin Pierce

Mixed by Edwin Pierce & John Ganser

Mastered at Carl Saff Mastering, Chicago

All songs written & performed by:
Scott Lee Wilson
Edwin Pierce
Tommy O'Donnell
Ryan Nelson
John Ganser

@2023 The Something Brothers (ASCAP/BMI)

With Sol Amarose, Olive Blick & IvyO'Donnel, vocals on "Cat Fight"

Photography by Steve Hollis